Founded in 2018, Wilson Live aimes to create a musical platform that enables local artists to document and present their work in a easy and effective way, all while forming a beautiful musical community in the heart of Brooklyn.

Designed for a cozy musical experience both for the artist and the listener. 


Founded by Internationally acclaimed bassist and composer Omer Avital, Drummer Itay Morchi and by the generous help and support of Yoav Adereth. 


The musical background of the founders allowed us to create a great musical atmosphere in the room and a warm acoustic environment.

The room is perfect for a jazz situation or anything from a live acoustic band to world music and electronic. 


We really hope to create something positive both for the artists and the music community in NYC.

We are now at the final stages of opening the Wilson Lounge, a place for you ro relax in between musical moments, just right outside of Wilson Live Music Room, also A magical backyard coming soon!



*Many thanks to Nolan Trowe for all the beautiful pictures!

Roy Boukris
Founding member, Sound Engineer, Manager 

Ron Warburg and Roy Boukris are both recording and mix engineers based out of Brooklyn, New York. Both earned their degrees in Music Production & Engineering from Berklee College of Music. Together, they work as the in-house engineers at Wilson Live to curate an authentic and intimate space where musicians can come and record high-quality live sessions.
Ron Warburg
Founding member, Sound Engineer 

Omer Avital


Praised by critics as, “extraordinary” (New York Times), “roaringly inventive” (Jazziz), and, “one of the most exciting musicians to come onto the jazz scene in the last 20 years” (Downbeat), Omer Avital is a
visionary composer and virtuoso musician whose genre-defying ensembles are pushing the boundaries  of jazz expression and providing audiences with swing and spiritual sustenance in equal measure.

Avital’s compositions range from sophisticated jazz conversations (Yes! Trio) to funky, Middle-Eastern grooves (Yemen Blues) to long-form, orchestral arrangements of traditional Sephardi music (Ahavat
Olamim). With his latest offerings, “Suite of the East,” “New Song” and “Abutbul Music”, Omer has
turned his traditional jazz sensibility to the performance of Middle Eastern  and North African music.

"I wish to create a base for a a rich and diversified musical community, thats why we started Wilson Live, I am truly proud of that" - Omer Avital. 

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