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Founded in 2018, Wilson Live aimes to create a musical platform that enables local artists to document and present their work in a easy and effective way, all while forming a beautiful musical community in the heart of Brooklyn.​

Designed for a cozy musical experience both for the artist and the listener.

The directors of the studio bring together their vast experience, NYC's top echelon musicians, and music lovers and musicians in all levels, forming a rich musical community in the heart of Brooklyn.

All events in the room are recorded and filmed in order to preserve the beautiful musical expressions that are being created.

We've had the great pleasure to host some of the best musicians on this planet in our space, including Aaron Goldberg, Ali Jackson, Omer Avital, Johnny O'Neal, Gilad Hekselman, Shai Maestro, Anat Cohen, Charles Owens, Joel Frahm, Harish Raghavan, Ferenc Nemeth, Benito Gonzales and many more.



Wilson live is founded upon love, friendship and passion, but our passion is not only for music, our founding member Yoav Aderet is not only a real estate investor and a brilliant supporter of our our creations, he is also an incredible chef, like really incredible, amazing.

As part of our wilson tradition yoav is cooking up incredible dishes and culinary creations in our Wilson Kitchen.

As of 2020 we are proud to serve our vegetables from our Wilson Garden, just a few blocks away in the heart of bushwick, all locally grown, organic and natural, all incorporated into our dishes.

Check out our recipes page for classic Wilson flavour.

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Bringing People together is our purpose and main mission here at Wilson Live.

Through music, food and hangs at Wilson Live you will find a friend.

Join Us! 


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